martes, junio 30, 2009


Where's Wally?

today, today is too late ¿?
I'll talk you about my ·boyfriend·, he's waldo
the freak one and I really love him,

I love his booooooks, I love this dude ;D
even when I just have 4 books :(
all of them are really amazing!

I wish I was Wenda. . .¿?

well, some people know them like Wally, Wilma & Woof
just like I used to think,.. but this man has a lot of names it's a sort of freak-life.
so, If you don't have any book, you should
buy them
you can visit his webpage and have a little
fun with some stages that come in the first book.
It's really ______ ? [you ought to post for the best description*]
and it may help you with your intelligence,
it develops your mixed-up memory

so please, take a look ;D

sábado, junio 27, 2009


Fuck uuuu !! Fuck u .... very.very.muuuuch!!! ...'Cause we hate what you do...And we hate your whole crew...So please don't stay in touch...

Salut. Ça va?

Today I dawn super :D happy cuz my iPod woke me up at 5:30 am (very early) with Fuck you! by Miss Lily Allen. I think that It's the best song of her new Albúm "It's not me, It's you"

And It's already confirmed Fuck You's her third single, and obviously I loved the video. It's so funny, so creative.

wow the best video she has made.

so.look and comment.

miércoles, junio 24, 2009

Jossepha's day

1.this dress, the fashion.. I don't know xD I just remember my best friend and every bracelet, necklace, ring-that she has gave me in this six years, so I ♥ it.

2. candles, that was a present that somebody really special gave me someday. I don't know what happened with her life, but I'm sure that she'll remember every moment that we enjoyed together.

Joss is weird,nice,friendly and sometimes irritable but I always laugh about
everything and everybody says that my laugh is funny & amusing ¬¬
I have an special insterest in smart boys, I don't know, I love nerds :/
I was talking with karol [my freak friend] about love and she said: "es raramente bonito,algo extraño tomando en cuenta quien es... a fin de cuentas descubrir que quieres a alguien siempre lo es" and I almost cry haha not really but, she made me think a lot of things about love, also I remember that I had some conversations with "miguel?" and I won't talk again about love! I want to conserve "this" like something special,mystic haha, because "miguel?" told me about. . somebody ♥

so... let's go with art, I love art, design and all th
at shit .. I think art is the most important expression that somebody needs to explain who we are. it makes you feel, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry and sometimes it makes you fight, and I'm sure that everybody has an art thought inside each one, so if you want.. let it go!! You can paint, you can write, you can play·sing, evth you want, I never thought I could become an art lover, I got focussed with chemistry and medicine, but someday.. pff! I realised that my childhood was about art, so this is me haha

I have a 3D boy in my room, ;D I lov em!
his name is Waldo and he loves cloudy days

Rita: I'll be waiting for my pop-art*

you should check this if you are interested in paper crafts:
space to make the link longer ;D
[we have good news.. alice in cubeeland has arrived :D]

martes, junio 23, 2009

It's time to use shoes ♥

leçon un

Je m'apelle Carinna. Ma couleur préferée c'est le veg et mon numéro préferée cèst le 10. Je porte lunettes.
Je sius grande. J'aime le mer, la lune et le copains.
Je déteste "My PC .. is %$&**+ç`+" :X
J'adore la cuisine mexicaine et les garçons..huhuhu ♥ .

hahaha . I'm practicing my françois. :O


Today is time to use THE SHOES Don't think that we don't use IT.
Today is time to hear THE SHOES.

"A couple of guys from France, responsible for some absolute electro club bangers, who have been getting a fair bit of hype recently." This is their descrption in

I recommend listening The Virgin's RMX. It's a song for a night party ... & look at their polaroid pics. You'll find pics from shoes of bands like CSS, The Cribs and Band of Horses. I ♥ it.And if u like their music you can get for free their "people movin" Remix.

I hope u like them ... If not Just let me know.

Au revoir♥

lunes, junio 22, 2009

Open up your mind

Cheers for Germany, we are two crazy girls, we're leaving high school and momentaniously,
we had a fucking idea about a blog, we said: "Why not?"then, we are.. ;D this will be really weird :/ every blog we see, the inspiration we get.. so hope you like it

Carinna loves medicine..................Joss loves Carinna
Joss loves fad.............................Carinna loves Mexico
Carinna loves Joss.............................Joss loves school

Joss loves purple.....................Carinna loves Foals
Carinna loves music.......................Joss loves her nails
Joss loves painting.........................Carinna loves guys

Carinna loves the Kooks................ Carinna loves guys
Joss loves Kate Nash............................Joss loves purple :/
Carinna loves wirdos................Carinna loves français

Joss loves Juan Son....................Joss loves philosophy
Carinna loves indie.................Carinna loves the world
Joss loves english........................Joss loves chocolates

We love lyrics ¿?
We love photography
We love art
We love annie <3

haremos lo posible para que las fotos que pudiesen aparecer, sean sólo tomadas por nosotros.. so love us! hahaha.. ;D

search some stuff here: